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Another One Bites The Dust
May 16, 2009, 3:04 AM
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Damn!  Those are some good Nugs.

Damn! Those are some good Nugs.

Am I dreaming?  Are the Denver Nuggets going to the Western Conference Playoffs for the first time since 1985?  It’s true…  yes, I was 3 years old when the Nugs last accomplished this feat.  Give it up to Dallas, they did make a valid effort in that 1 game?  Denver has beaten 2 post-season opponents  4-1  and it doesn’t look like L.A. or Houston has a legit chance stopping the Nugs seeing that they are awaiting game 7? Congratulations Nugs, Denver is proud!  For the longest time, Nug fans have experienced that not-so-good Nug taste.  But now our Nugs are tasting better than ever!  L.A. and Houston certainly have offensive weapons, however, I don’t think either team can match Denver’s commitment and intensity towards Defense.  You know what they say about defense…..I’m not that cliche`.

Oh yeah, the store manager from LoveSac Dallas told me that if the Nugs knock out the Mavs, she would body paint herself in baby blue ‘n’ yellow…videotape it, pay for my dinner, and admit the Mavs suck! 




…..I think the Dallas Managers name is Lai, or Kai?  Anyway, I don’t expect her to accomplish all that she promised, but she better uphold one of them!  We’ll see what kind of gambling morale she has, who knows, maybe I’ll just post the results…and pics of this mini-debacle.  Go Nuggets!


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