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Sactionals Speak For Themselves
August 28, 2009, 6:09 PM
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BestCustomerSactionalSetup082709 004

     Shane Moss from Denver, CO has been a Sac’r for a while, his Puppy Phur Sactionals prove it.  Puppy Phur was discontinued  in ’07 after P.E.T.A. found out how many puppies were used for one cover… That is a joke,  LoveSac would never harm cute puppies!  Seriously, please don’t send any hate mail.  Shane sent us these pics of his Sactionals after seeing ShawnyD (ChiefSac) pimpTravis Pastrana’s party palace.  Want to see the video?  Here’s the link  

BestCustomerSactionalSetup082709 007     Shane said it best, “Besides the fact that Sactionals are washable, modular and sexy, they’re just plain comfortable!”  So here’s to you Shane, thanks for being a dedicated LoveSac customer!  We’re glad we could help make your life more comfortable!

     And yes, as promised, I’m posting your goofy cat on the Squattoman.  Another LoveSac classic. 

BestCustomerSactionalSetup082709 014

by: Eddie Reynolds


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