Lovesac Flatiron Crossing

The Best Part of ManagerFest’09

Every year LoveSac celebrates our continued effort in becoming the greatest alternative furniture company for the world with ManagerFest.  LoveSac managers around the country travel to Stamford, CT for an intensive 3 day training camp.  In true LoveSac fashion: we work hard, we play hard.  I’d write more but I couldn’t do it justice.  To sum up, we laughed, we cried, we learned, we taught, some got piss drunk.  Check out these pics below to see who really loves LoveSac.  You’ve got to check out the video wrap of the entire event on Shawny D’s blog!

Chicks LoveSac

Chicks LoveSac

These Dudes LoveSac

These Dudes LoveSac

Bums LoveSac

Bums LoveSac

Drunks LoveSac

Drunks LoveSac

Grand Central Station LoveSac

Grand Central Station LoveSac

by Eddie Reynolds


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Fantastic Times! Cant wait for 2010!

Comment by lovesacsocal

you guys have the best job ever!

Comment by Adam

Bumpin and grindin in the NYC at the top there I see….. Rock N Roll!!!!

Comment by lovesacsaltlake

Who’s that freak in the blue coat?

Comment by Shawny D

I’m not sure but that blue jacket is pimpin!

Comment by lovesacflatiron

well done edwardo, you summed this one up with looks to boot.

Comment by C String

Pictures just can’t do that blue jacket justice.

Comment by MiMs

That bum looks like he’s smuggling a lovesac under his shirt.

Comment by Casey

Your blazer kicks ass…nothing says former car salesman like a baby blue blazer

Comment by lovesacvegas

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