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Largest Countdown Sale In 10 Years!
October 29, 2009, 7:29 PM
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Some people think we’re crazy… and they’re probably right.  In case you forgot, our company is called LOVESAC!  We approach business differently and enjoy challenging the status quo.  Opening NEW retail stores during a  recession?  Quoted as, “BAD BUSINESS.”  Guess what?

LoveSac creates cutting-edge innovations that make people’s lives more comfortable.  We will not surrender until LoveSac penetrates every household in the world!  Whether our investors approve of it or not, we start spreading the love right now!  Want to be part of the largest  countdown sale in LoveSac history!web28Banner

We are celebrating the debut of our 28th American retail store in Delaware on Halloween.  Don’t live in Delaware?  No worries, Flatirons will hook you up.  Here’s the details – First customer that shows up at 10:00am in-store on Halloween receives 28% OFF THEIR ENTIRE PURCHASE!  2nd person receives 27% off, 3rd person 26% off, and so on.  No gimmicks!

You want this loveseat?Loveseat

YOU SAVE $400!  How about a SuperSac in Black Velvish? BlackVelvishSuperSac

YOU SAVE $182!  Think this a typo?… don’t be stupid.  No offense.

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR – Stop by our store on Halloween.  Experience the most comfortable, versatile, washable furniture in the world!  Who knows, you might save $1,000!!!!!Halloween008

Happy Halloween!

by Eddie Reynolds


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Man I am no math guy and I know good savings when I see them!

Comment by lovesacvegas

Kick ass blog! Really, I liked it.

Comment by Jen

Do you sell that rug? That’s what I REALLY want…

Comment by Kat

Dude – I loved your Halloween Costume – dressing up like Eddie from Flatiron – blue blazer and all.

Comment by Shawny D

I call dibbies on the jack-o-lanterns.

Comment by lovesacjordan

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