Lovesac Flatiron Crossing

YOU Decide Black Friday Winner

Ever wonder what type of person wakes up at 5:00 am on Black Friday, drives to the mall, just to wait in line for a sale?  Well, these people did, and were rewarded handsomely. 

Contestant #1

Some might think waiting in front of our store at 6:00 am is bonkers!  Maybe it is…

One thing is certain, these people are serious and dedicated about shopping, nothing will stand in their way for a good deal.  We would like to show these Sac’rs our gratitude and what better way then having a photo contest!  Rules are simple- Let us know which contestant YOU think took the best pic.  Type your answer under comments section. Come Dec. 9th, the contestant with the most votes will be crowned King or Queen!   

Contestant #2

Winner will receive a FREE pair of Limited Edition SilverMink Phur Slippers, softest in the world! 
                Congratulations to everyone who skipped sleep (and health) to spend Black Friday at LoveSac.  We appreciate your business and promise to never stop spreading the love.

Contestant #3

Contestant #4

Contestant #5
Contestant #6
Contestant #7

Contestant #8
Contestant #7

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It’s hard to choose between 2 and 8, but I say… 8.

Comment by Nancy

I vote for number 8. it is funny and classic sac riding fun!!

Comment by Candy

I vote Contestant #2.

Comment by Ben

#4 gets my vote and #6 should be kicked out of the contest for wearing that terrible hoodie!

Comment by lovesacvegas

ohhhh this is hard…hmmmmmm Ok contestant 4! You can’t beat that pose!

Comment by Tashia

I go for contestant 8!!! heh thats priceless

Comment by Ayla S hills vlg

#4 no doubt. that’s talent..and #6 get’s some props too for that awesome hoodie.

Comment by LoveSac Dallas

Number 4 looks like he wants the slippers the most.

Comment by SHANE

Seriously – NO CONTEST HERE!!
5 a.m. and #4 can still bang out that pose?!?! #4 all the way BABY!!

Comment by D-Train

contestant number # 3 from wayne

Comment by wayne

#4… that guy is a little crazy– look what he will do for those mink slippers!!!!

Comment by Liz

#2 is who I choose.

Comment by amelia

Go # 1! Go # ! ! Who has that kind of energy at o’dark 30??? Only someone who knows they might score a pair of those very cool slippers! (I own a pair, that’s how i know.)

Comment by Phil

#3 because that’s me!

Comment by Allison

#3 🙂

Comment by Matt


Comment by Sharonda


Comment by Anna


Comment by britt


Comment by Anna


Comment by haley


Comment by brianna


Comment by Marissa

I say 3 took the best picture. 🙂
#3 #3 #3 #3 #3 #3 #3 #3 #3 #3 #3

Comment by Mady

I vote 3!! shes my bestie 🙂 But i also think #4. Thats hard to do..

Comment by Kailee


Comment by jess

3 Looks like a winner to me.

Comment by Graham Bly

#3!! go anna!!

Comment by kelsi

number 1!!!!!, he looks thrilled to be at the lovesac flatiron!!!!!

Comment by Jeff

Number 3!!!!
just cuz its anna lolz

Comment by Yamilex


Comment by shelb

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