Lovesac Flatiron Crossing

LoveSac Living Room Furniture?

Yes!  LoveSac now offers living room furniture!  Loveseats, sectional sofas, ottomans, we have them all.  The best part: All of our living room furniture is made from 2 pieces, bases and sides.  Kinda like legos only for adults.  Check out this video for a demo.  

Why LoveSac living room furniture?

1.  Ever help a friend move their couch?  It sucks.  Sactionals break apart from each other!  Easy to move, easy to store, easy to add-on later.

2.  Have cats or dogs, ever eat or drink on your couch?  Sactionals are washable, every piece has a removable cover!  When you get tired of the fabric or color come in and by something different.  No dirty sofa’s here!

3.  Does your furniture have a warranty?  Sactionals do, LIFETIME!  We guarantee the entire Hardwood frame, Super-S steel springs, and cushions for LIFE against manufacture defects.  Why doesn’t IKEA do this? 

Life Changes, so should your furniture. 

Modular, Washable, Customizable

Visit our FlatironCrossing store and check’em out! 

Eddie Reynolds


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