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Nooder: The Ball-less Dog Story
March 31, 2010, 2:31 PM
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On one sad rainy night, there lived a little girl who could not fall sleep. You see, she had a problem, a huge problem. The little girl was one who could not sleep with out two things. The first- her stuffed dog and the second-  a cuddly blanket.  She loved her stuffed dog and her cuddly soft blanket so much. However, the stuffed dog and cuddly soft blanket didn’t like each other very much. They would never sit together.  If the little girl was using her blanket she would lose her dog and if she was cuddling with her stuffed dog she couldn’t find her blanket. Eventually she gave up sleeping altogether. Over time her parents became very concerned, they didn’t know where to turn. Fortunately, LoveSac came to the rescue.  For Easter 2010, LoveSac is offering a Love Puppy named Nooder.    

Nooder, which is just a puppy, contains a wonderful combination of a soft blanket tucked neatly inside a cuddly stuffed puppy. This was the perfect solution to all of the little girls needs. The cuddly soft blanket fits inside Nooder’s tummy and he poops it out when ever needed for your warmth.  

Stuffing the blanket in is just as easy, no cramming necessary.  Needless to say, the young little miss never lost her blanket or dog ever again. Both Nooder and the little girl slept in comfort, happily ever after.   Visit our store at the FlatironCrossing mall to pet Nooder.  He is friendly and great with children.

Special Thanks to Melissa C. for the idea.

Eddie Reynolds and Crew


5 Inch Couches?

Have you heard about the new 5 series (smaller version) Sactionals? Have you heard they’re available to purchase in Best Buy right now? Well, they are and you can finally see them in person at any lovesac retail location.  These super sleek and sexy Sactionals have been called series 5 due to the width of the arms being, get this, 5 inches! The standard Sactionals you’ve seen in our stores are referred to as 6 series as these arms measure 6 inches.  At this point, you might be asking yourself, “Lovesac’s in best buy?” That’s right! Lovesac has been in select best buys in Boston and Dallas for sometime now, expect to see us in every Best Buy across the country in the near future!

  Help us welcome the series 5 Sactionals to our store by checking out a couple packages, both offered in either Black or Chocolate Velvish! Package 1 – Sofa (2 bases, 4 sides) with a free U-Drink, only $999.94!!! Then our coolest package, package 2 – Movie Lounger (4 bases, 4 sides) which will include and extra side!!!

That’s right, if you buy the Movie Lounger you will get a free side with cover so you can make a sweet 3 base sofa with a chaise at one end, or any other set up consisting of 4 bases 5 sides.  Get this package for only $1,499.92!!!! Don’t forget that both of these packages include luxury covers!!!  You can also sit on these bad boys and take 18 months to pay them off without any interest!!! I know it’s hard to believe while reading this blog, but again yes, I did say 18 months no interest! Get in here and get your Lovesac Credit Card and drag a sac or Sactional pieces home today!!!!

Kiss Me I’m Irish!

Green Beer in Chicago

Happy St. Patty’s!

Irish folklore tells us that St. Patrick’s Day was originally created as a “break” during lent.  Many people celebrated this day by drinking alcohol, GREEN BEER, which eventually became an Irish tradition.

Ireland is known for great things-

U2 and Soccer

Good Beer


Mar.17th is always a party, enjoy, be safe, and let the wearing-of-the-green begin!

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, we’ll take 10% OFF the purchase of any Premium MicroSuede Moss Cover.

Come in wearing ALL green and we’ll take 10% OFF the entire purchase!

Long Live Ireland!

See store for details,

Valid Mar.17th only, while supplies last

Eddie Reynolds and Crew

Death To Lame Furniture!

Traditional furniture is so boring!  It’s hard to move, hard to clean, and impossible to rearrange.  Our furniture is easy to move, easy to clean, and has endless ways to reconfigure.  Oh yeah, our furniture also comes with a lifetime warranty!  Stop wasting valuable time searching for just the right piece of furniture and stop by our store.  We promise you’ll be amazed.  For you skeptics out there, here’s a video demonstrating some of the possibilities cool furniture has to offer.

Eddie Reynolds and Crew

Our Sac Keeps Growing

This week we were excited to reveal our newest LoveSac store in CA.  Unfortunately, ChiefSac (ShawnyD) beat us to the punch.  His blog kick’s our blog’s ass so here’s the link- 

and a video of the new store-

Thanks a lot Shawn!

Eddie Reynolds and Crew

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