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Nooder: The Ball-less Dog Story
March 31, 2010, 2:31 PM
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On one sad rainy night, there lived a little girl who could not fall sleep. You see, she had a problem, a huge problem. The little girl was one who could not sleep with out two things. The first- her stuffed dog and the second-  a cuddly blanket.  She loved her stuffed dog and her cuddly soft blanket so much. However, the stuffed dog and cuddly soft blanket didn’t like each other very much. They would never sit together.  If the little girl was using her blanket she would lose her dog and if she was cuddling with her stuffed dog she couldn’t find her blanket. Eventually she gave up sleeping altogether. Over time her parents became very concerned, they didn’t know where to turn. Fortunately, LoveSac came to the rescue.  For Easter 2010, LoveSac is offering a Love Puppy named Nooder.    

Nooder, which is just a puppy, contains a wonderful combination of a soft blanket tucked neatly inside a cuddly stuffed puppy. This was the perfect solution to all of the little girls needs. The cuddly soft blanket fits inside Nooder’s tummy and he poops it out when ever needed for your warmth.  

Stuffing the blanket in is just as easy, no cramming necessary.  Needless to say, the young little miss never lost her blanket or dog ever again. Both Nooder and the little girl slept in comfort, happily ever after.   Visit our store at the FlatironCrossing mall to pet Nooder.  He is friendly and great with children.

Special Thanks to Melissa C. for the idea.

Eddie Reynolds and Crew


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This is the cutest story! Very creative 🙂

Comment by Tashia

Very Creative! I love this story :0)

Comment by Tashia

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