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Sactional Positions

Sactionals offer numerous benefits and endless possibilities.

Yes. . . we know that size matters, and while you

could fit a ton in your space, having the right amount is always the best option.

So, we have decided to share with you our perfect combination for first-timers.

(4 bases. 5 sides. Our favorite positions.)


Position 1: The Missionary

117 inches long and appropriate for everyone, even your gram and gramps can enjoy it.


Position 2: The Snow Plow

This position is great for people who fear furniture commitment.

Sick of sitting in the arm-chair? Try out the chaise!


Position 3: The Butterfly

A traditional take on the snow plow, this position can satisfy

the classiest of guests.


Position 4: The Splitter

Having a get-together with mixed company?

This position is perfect for allowing everyone their own space.


Last but not least. . .


Position 5: The T-Square

This set-up not only looks good but is perfect for three.


See?  With Sactionals, the possibilities are endless, we’d like to see what you can create with 4 bases and 5 sides.

. . . we were able to create 27 fabulous positions…

Still a skeptic?  Stop in our store to witness the possibilities Sactionals offer.

Life changes, our furniture changes with you.

Eddie Reynolds and Flatiron Crew



New Skins

TV designer Courtney Cachet has partnered with LoveSac to create new fabrics that everyone can appreciate.

Limited Edition Courtney Cachet Quilted Grey Chenille. Talk about a one of a kind miracle fabric.  This is the coolest chenille that anyone could dream up.  It is a silky dark grey that offers a thick loft and smooth feel.

Limited Edition Gold Damask Velvet. A perfect blend of old school and new school, creating what we call, “cool school.”  This timeless textile design is made from pure gold velvet.  The silky grey background material looks great with Grey Chenille pictured above.

Limited Edition Blue Dots Velvet. This is a modern inspired blue velvet polka-not fabric.  Surround yourself with this rich modern blue fabric and your self-esteem is bound to increase.  A truly unique fabric for any creative home decor.

Eddie Reynolds and Flatiron Crew

Sactional Sale

As rare as it is, we are having a sale on Sactionals!  Modular, washable, and obviously comfortable  furniture on sale , sound like an awesome deal?  

Now through June 7th we will be discounting all of our discontinued covers.  If you want to add on to your current Sactional, or start a brand new one, THIS IS THE TIME TO COME TO OUR STORE AND CHECK OUT WHAT WE HAVE!  

Check out these deals:  

All LUXURY covers ——-> BASE $129.99      SIDE $69.99
All PREMIUM covers —–> BASE $99.99       SIDE $49.99  

Come get your sactional NOW and save some bucks!!!   

EARTH LOVESEAT regularly-$1340 NOW ONLY-$1199

MUSHROOM MOVIE LOUNGER! regularly-$2120 NOW ONLY-$1999

Hurry in while supplies last, you don’t want to miss the biggest Sactional sale of the year!!!
Eddie Reynolds and Flatiron Crew

Annual Clearance Sale

For all those price conscious shoppers out there that have asked us numerous times, “Do LoveSac’s ever go on sale?  The time has arrived!  Welcome to the 2010 annual clearance sale. 

Need a new couch?  How about a loveseat in Espresso?

Need a huge Sac?  How about a Red Velvish SuperSac? 

Our kickass sale Starts Tuesday, May 26th.  Quantities are extremely limited, and like most awesome sales, all the good stuff sells fast.  Do yourself a favor and get here early on Tuesday.  

If you’re not sure whether or not you need new furniture we have posted some pictures below.  If you display, or suffer, from any of these symptoms below you definately need new furniture. 

Choose A Color!

Too Modern To Use

FYI-LoveSac furniture has a LifeTime Warranty

Death To Lame Furniture

Eddie Reynolds and Flatiron Crew

Sactionals Are Changing The World

Sactionals….real furniture for real life.  Here are a couple videos demonstrating the awesomeness of our furniture.


Eddie Reynolds and Flatiron Crew

5 Inch Couches?

Have you heard about the new 5 series (smaller version) Sactionals? Have you heard they’re available to purchase in Best Buy right now? Well, they are and you can finally see them in person at any lovesac retail location.  These super sleek and sexy Sactionals have been called series 5 due to the width of the arms being, get this, 5 inches! The standard Sactionals you’ve seen in our stores are referred to as 6 series as these arms measure 6 inches.  At this point, you might be asking yourself, “Lovesac’s in best buy?” That’s right! Lovesac has been in select best buys in Boston and Dallas for sometime now, expect to see us in every Best Buy across the country in the near future!

  Help us welcome the series 5 Sactionals to our store by checking out a couple packages, both offered in either Black or Chocolate Velvish! Package 1 – Sofa (2 bases, 4 sides) with a free U-Drink, only $999.94!!! Then our coolest package, package 2 – Movie Lounger (4 bases, 4 sides) which will include and extra side!!!

That’s right, if you buy the Movie Lounger you will get a free side with cover so you can make a sweet 3 base sofa with a chaise at one end, or any other set up consisting of 4 bases 5 sides.  Get this package for only $1,499.92!!!! Don’t forget that both of these packages include luxury covers!!!  You can also sit on these bad boys and take 18 months to pay them off without any interest!!! I know it’s hard to believe while reading this blog, but again yes, I did say 18 months no interest! Get in here and get your Lovesac Credit Card and drag a sac or Sactional pieces home today!!!!

Love+Sac=Awesome Media Room Furniture

Love The Sac

LoveSac is not your average furniture store, with ordinary sectional sofas.  At LoveSac we sell original, one of-a-kind, media room furniture with endless possible configurations and lifetime guarantees. We designed our sectional sofas with your style and comfort in mind. Made from only two pieces, Sactionals can be configured to match your needs, and come with covers that can easily be changed in case you get bored.  Best yet, Sactional covers are machine washable! Try finding another furniture store with tailor-fit, washable, media room furniture! Not only will it expand the life of your furniture, but it will also make sitting in your sectional sofa more refreshing.

Movie Lounger


Another brilliant idea, since Sactional covers are removable, they are also interchangeable!  Think about it for a second, your media room furniture can be red in fall, white in winter, blue in summer, and green in spring!  Give your average furniture store a rest and stop by LoveSac.  We offer high quality sectional sofas and media room furniture designed to fit your lifestyle. 

Life changes, so should your furniture.

Eddie Reynolds and Flatiron Crew

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