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Limited Edition Vintage Velvet Purpletini MovieSac Package


• Vintage Velvet Purpletini MovieSac Cover
• Vintage Velvet Purpletini SodaSac
• Vintage Velvet Purpletini TubeSac
• Vintage Velvet Purpletini Squattoman Cover
• MovieSac Khaki Insert
• Squattoman Khaki Insert


Limited Edition Vintage Velvet Manhattan SuperSac Package


• Vintage Velvet Manhattan SuperSac Cover
• Vintage Velvet Manhattan SodaSac
• Vintage Velvet Manhattan TubeSac
• Vintage Velvet Manhattan Squattoman Cover
• SuperSac Khaki Insert
• Squattoman Khaki Insert


Limited Edition Classic Tweed SuperSac Package


• Classic Tweed SuperSac Cover
• Classic Tweed SodaSac
• Classic Tweed TubeSac
• Classic Tweed Squattoman Cover
• SuperSac Khaki Insert
• Squattoman Khaki Insert


Limited Edition Vintage Velvet Champagne PillowSac Package


• Vintage Velvet Champagne PillowSac Cover
• Vintage Velvet Champagne SodaSac
• Vintage Velvet Champagne TubeSac
• Vintage Velvet Champagne Squattoman Cover
• PillowSac Khaki Insert

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Spring Collection is Here. Lovesac. Vintage.

Welcome to lovesac. vintage.

LoveSac has gone vintage this season.  Inspired by the mid-century age of  the ad man from Madison Avenue, this mid-century styled line of Sacs and Sactionals is unlike any other we have ever created.  Designed from the ground up, the colors, the fabrics, and the details on this beautiful line are more sophisticated and refined than any in the past.  Using a combination of vintage velvets in vibrant home-dec colors and a neutral classic neutral tweed, we have demonstrated that LoveSac has come a long way from its days of vinyl Sacs to take to the drive-in movies.  LoveSac is a designer alternative to lame furniture.

Peak into the 1960’s lovesac style

Sactional Positions

Sactionals offer numerous benefits and endless possibilities.

Yes. . . we know that size matters, and while you

could fit a ton in your space, having the right amount is always the best option.

So, we have decided to share with you our perfect combination for first-timers.

(4 bases. 5 sides. Our favorite positions.)


Position 1: The Missionary

117 inches long and appropriate for everyone, even your gram and gramps can enjoy it.


Position 2: The Snow Plow

This position is great for people who fear furniture commitment.

Sick of sitting in the arm-chair? Try out the chaise!


Position 3: The Butterfly

A traditional take on the snow plow, this position can satisfy

the classiest of guests.


Position 4: The Splitter

Having a get-together with mixed company?

This position is perfect for allowing everyone their own space.


Last but not least. . .


Position 5: The T-Square

This set-up not only looks good but is perfect for three.


See?  With Sactionals, the possibilities are endless, we’d like to see what you can create with 4 bases and 5 sides.

. . . we were able to create 27 fabulous positions…

Still a skeptic?  Stop in our store to witness the possibilities Sactionals offer.

Life changes, our furniture changes with you.

Eddie Reynolds and Flatiron Crew


Happy Holidays
December 31, 2010, 5:16 AM
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We just wanted to take a moment to wish you Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, or whatever other non-offensive, politically-correct best wishes of the season are acceptable to you. LoveSac loves you and we appreciate your friendship.

Eddie Reynolds and Flatiron Crew

Take Your Sac Out

In an effort to reduce Sac abuse-

Buy a LoveSac this weekend and we’ll give you a FREE Sport Utility Cover.










Offer ends Sunday, while supplies last.

Eddie Reynolds and Flatiron Crew

Hump Day
July 28, 2010, 5:19 PM
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Here’s a little awesomeness to get you through the week!

Eddie Reynolds and Flatiron Crew

Father’s LoveSac

Apart from the crappy tie and extension cords most fathers receive on their birthday, Father’s Day is the only other opportunity we have to show our appreciation.  Long hours at work, mowing the lawn, and taking out the trash; these are just a few of the many, never-ending, mundane tasks great Dads do.

We might be going out on a limb by saying this, but we’d bet that if asked, most Dads would describe their ideal Father’s Day as something pertaining to rest and relaxation. They deserve a break from the daily grind, time with their kids, and mastering the art of naps.  If this sounds like your father, we have the perfect gift for him.

In celebration of Father’s Day, we’re offering a “Prove you’re a Father” discount.  Simply put, we’ll take $50 OFF any purchase $299 or higher when you prove you’re a REAL Father.

Ways To Prove You’re a Father:

Show us your wallet sized pictures

Show us a tattoo with your kid’s name

Rattle off all your kid’s names and birthdays from oldest to youngest

It’s important to show your Dad some love this Father’s Day.  Thanking him for all that he’s done through the years is a good start.  Surprising him with a comfy new chair to take naps in is better.  Happy Father’s Day!

Eddie Reynolds and Flatiron Crew

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