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Limited Edition Vintage Velvet Purpletini MovieSac Package


• Vintage Velvet Purpletini MovieSac Cover
• Vintage Velvet Purpletini SodaSac
• Vintage Velvet Purpletini TubeSac
• Vintage Velvet Purpletini Squattoman Cover
• MovieSac Khaki Insert
• Squattoman Khaki Insert


Limited Edition Vintage Velvet Manhattan SuperSac Package


• Vintage Velvet Manhattan SuperSac Cover
• Vintage Velvet Manhattan SodaSac
• Vintage Velvet Manhattan TubeSac
• Vintage Velvet Manhattan Squattoman Cover
• SuperSac Khaki Insert
• Squattoman Khaki Insert


Limited Edition Classic Tweed SuperSac Package


• Classic Tweed SuperSac Cover
• Classic Tweed SodaSac
• Classic Tweed TubeSac
• Classic Tweed Squattoman Cover
• SuperSac Khaki Insert
• Squattoman Khaki Insert


Limited Edition Vintage Velvet Champagne PillowSac Package


• Vintage Velvet Champagne PillowSac Cover
• Vintage Velvet Champagne SodaSac
• Vintage Velvet Champagne TubeSac
• Vintage Velvet Champagne Squattoman Cover
• PillowSac Khaki Insert

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Spring Collection is Here. Lovesac. Vintage.

Welcome to lovesac. vintage.

LoveSac has gone vintage this season.  Inspired by the mid-century age of  the ad man from Madison Avenue, this mid-century styled line of Sacs and Sactionals is unlike any other we have ever created.  Designed from the ground up, the colors, the fabrics, and the details on this beautiful line are more sophisticated and refined than any in the past.  Using a combination of vintage velvets in vibrant home-dec colors and a neutral classic neutral tweed, we have demonstrated that LoveSac has come a long way from its days of vinyl Sacs to take to the drive-in movies.  LoveSac is a designer alternative to lame furniture.

Peak into the 1960’s lovesac style

Sactional Sale

As rare as it is, we are having a sale on Sactionals!  Modular, washable, and obviously comfortable  furniture on sale , sound like an awesome deal?  

Now through June 7th we will be discounting all of our discontinued covers.  If you want to add on to your current Sactional, or start a brand new one, THIS IS THE TIME TO COME TO OUR STORE AND CHECK OUT WHAT WE HAVE!  

Check out these deals:  

All LUXURY covers ——-> BASE $129.99      SIDE $69.99
All PREMIUM covers —–> BASE $99.99       SIDE $49.99  

Come get your sactional NOW and save some bucks!!!   

EARTH LOVESEAT regularly-$1340 NOW ONLY-$1199

MUSHROOM MOVIE LOUNGER! regularly-$2120 NOW ONLY-$1999

Hurry in while supplies last, you don’t want to miss the biggest Sactional sale of the year!!!
Eddie Reynolds and Flatiron Crew

Our Sac Keeps Growing

This week we were excited to reveal our newest LoveSac store in CA.  Unfortunately, ChiefSac (ShawnyD) beat us to the punch.  His blog kick’s our blog’s ass so here’s the link- 

and a video of the new store-

Thanks a lot Shawn!

Eddie Reynolds and Crew

LoveSac’s In BestBuy Now?

Don’t live near LoveSac?  No worries, if you live in Boston or Dallas you can purchase LoveSac in BestBuy RIGHT NOW!  Don’t believe me?  Want proof? 

BestBuyLoveSacTexas  We know what you’re asking yourself, “Will I be able to purchase LoveSac in my local BestBuy?”   BestBuyLoveSacNatick

          To Be Continued…..

by Eddie Reynolds

Best Sac Sale Ever?


Questions?  Send us an email at, or stop by our store located in the FlatironCrossing Mall.  50% OFF sale ends Labor Day, Monday September 7th.

by Eddie Reynolds

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