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The Best Bang For Your Buck
September 24, 2010, 5:09 AM
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Sactionals, to the uninformed, are simply 2  pieces of furniture that can be combined in any quantity, in any configuration imaginable to build any furniture desired, with no tools necessary!  That being said, we set out to answer a commonly asked question by our customers, “What # of Bases and Sides provide the best bang for my buck?”  The nerdy research team at LoveSac HQ got busy crunching numbers to figure out the ideal number.  After hours of unscientific research they came up with a verdict, 4 Bases and 5 Sides!

Why 4 Bases and 5 Sides?  Put simply, they provide maximum functionality with the smallest number of pieces possible.

Jeremy, the Washington D.C. market manager, kindly demonstrates what possible configurations 4 Bases and 5 Sides offer in the video below.

Want to save 600$?  Visit the FlatironCrossing store by Sept. 30th and ask about the 4 Base 5 Side promo.  Quantities are limited, see store for details.

Eddie Reynolds and Flatiron Crew


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